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Trees for Bees – which are the best trees for bees UK

Beeswax is a fab natural humectant

Which are the best  trees for bees you can plant in your gardens or maybe a park or wild space near  you? Don’t you just love it when you stand under a tree and hear it ‘buzzing’ as the bees collect nectar. But do you know which shrubs and trees bees like? We’ve highlighted the best bee-loving trees that flower in April and May – when our bees are getting super busy after a quiet winter –  can you spot any of them where you are?

The Judas Tree (Cercis siliquastrum), sometimes known as the love tree, bursts into colourful life in April with its heart shaped leaves and pink flowers. This small deciduous tree brings a much-needed pop of colour to gardens in early springtime.

The Crab Apple (Malus sylvestris) is a small to medium sized tree with showy flowers in April. In autumn it grows ornamental or edible fruit so provides a good foliage colour for months on end.

Sadly, the ‘normal’ varieties of apple trees are not really trees bees like – although they do collect pollen and help to pollinate them

The Common Hawthorn has clusters of creamy-white flowers followed by red or black fruits so this one is loved by both bees and birds!

The Pussy Willow with its fuzzy catkins are a magnet to bees with the male pussy willow blooming extra early in the year. Some beekeepers plant them near their hives to help bees through the pollen-limited months.

The California Lilac (Ceanothus) is a compact evergreen shrub with masses of fluffy dark blue flowers from April to June. Bees, butterflies and other pollinators all love this one.

The Woodland Trust sells a fantastic pollinators tree pack which is great value. It contains 210 saplings so suited to growing on a larger plot of land but the list of trees is ideal if you want to purchase just one or two:

Let’s hope we’re all able to enjoy these buzzing trees for years to come #oneplanet

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