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St Valentine is Patron Saint of Beekeepers!

St Valentine's ispatron saint of beekeepers

Did you know that St Valentine is patron saint of beekeepers—charged with ensuring the sweetness of honey and the protection of beekeepers?

So who was he?

Valentine’s Day is named after St Valentine, most widely known as the patron saint of lovers – but what do we actually know about him?

First of all, there was probably more than one Saint Valentine – the history books tell us there was anywhere between 3 and 12 others in fact! This is possibly because the name ‘Valentinus’ (from the Latin word for worthy, strong or powerful) was a popular name between 200 and 800AD when our Valentines lived. Apparently, there was even a Pope Valentine, but he only lasted for around 40 days!

It seems likely that ‘the’ St Valentine was a Roman Priest and physician who lived until about 270AD, when he was killed during the persecution of Christians by Emperor Claudius II Gothicus.

Why is he associated with love?

The Roman Empire was still flourishing in St Valentine’s lifetime. Legends say the Emperor at the time banned marriages because he thought single men made better soldiers. Valentine didn’t think this was fair and started to marry couples secretly. Unfortunately, he was found out and thrown in Jail. Whilst in jail, awaiting his execution, he began to convert his jailers to Christianity. To prove his faith, the head-jailer asked Valentine to heal his blind daughter. Miraculously, Valentine prayed with his hands over the Jailer’s daughter’s eyes and her sight was returned! However, they still killed him and after his execution, a letter was found in his cell, addressed to the jailer’s daughter—it was signed “your Valentine”.

And what about the beekeeper stuff?

Again, little is known about why St Valentine is also the Patron of beekeepers, but it seems likely due to the associations of fertility, love, beekeeping and springtime – and it makes for a lovely story that St Valentine is Patron Saint of Beekeepers anyway!

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