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Treat dry hands with our hydrating Neve’s Bees beeswax hand salves and cuticle creams. Discover the natural way to soft, smooth and loved hands.

Winter can be a tricky time for hands and cold weather can lead to hands becoming dry, chapped and sore. Lots of hand washing and hand sanitisers can also dry out our hands. For some, it’s the dry warm, summer weather that affects their hands more, drying out the skin making them scaly and itchy. For soothing relief, use our natural beeswax hand salves.

From chapped hand treatments to cuticle and nail creams, get the upper hand with these 100% natural moisturising hand and nail repair treatments…

…and, shhh, you can also use our hand salves on knees, elbows, feet or any skin in need of some TLC.

Most creams or lotions are a mixture of water (aqua) and oils – have a look at the ingredients on the back of pack. Because oils and water don’t mix (think of oil and vinegar) the manufacturers add emulsifiers to bind the oil and water together – these are not normally chemicals that benefit your skin. Also, because water can grow bacteria, manufacturers selling products in the UK are legally obliged to add preservatives to kill any bacteria – so most skin creams contain chemicals that will kill bacteria in the cream…and also on your skin. We prefer not to upset the skin’s natural skin flora so chose not to add water to any of our products – so we don’t need to add any synthetic emulsifiers and preservatives.

We donate 5p from each sale to BBOWT (Berks, Bucks and Oxon Wildlife Trusts) to help save our beautiful wildlife.

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