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Postcards of Kindness – Sending Happy Vibes

Postcards of Kindness

There’s a wonderful initiative called ‘Postcards of Kindness’ bringing smiles to old folk all over the UK

We first came across it quite by chance at the Henley Craft Fair this August. For each Neve’s Bees sale, we give a bright and cheerful ‘Happy Vibes’ postcard. Seeing these cards, one of our customers had a fab idea, “OMG your Neve’s Bees postcards would be brilliant for Postcards of Kindness…”

Postcards of Kindness was created by Your Health Group – a care home provider with ten homes across the UK. In 2018, they launched a campaign asking people to send their residents postcards. “We want to combat loneliness and isolation across the country and remind our residents that there’s always somebody thinking of them”, they said, “Imagine being able to travel the world alongside card writers while sharing their holiday adventures; residents’ memories are stirred and imaginations piqued,”

The campaign has continued to grow, their FaceBook group now has over 27,000 members with over 810 care homes now registered.

We couldn’t help but be inspired by this lovely idea, and if our ‘Happy Vibes’ cards could help to spread smiles we wanted to be involved, so we came up with a plan.

Starting by contacting the Postcards of Kindness FaceBook group, we offered to mail out packs of 10 ‘Happy Vibes’ postcards to groups or individuals who wanted to share some love and write to people in nursing homes. We had an amazing response and so far have sent out packs of ‘Happy Vibes’ postcards to Brownie groups, Scout groups, after school clubs, community groups, and cafes who want to get together, write some postcards and share some smiles across the country.

We’d love to carry on sharing the smiles, so If you’d like to receive a pack of Neve’s Bees cards to send to people who would love to receive some ‘Happy Vibes’ then please do contact us at:

You can find out more about Postcards of Kindness here,

and see a wonderful video of how much joy the appeal has already brought below.




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