Our Ingredients

With a history of eczema and sensitive skin, and a background in chemistry, I have long been somewhat obsessive about the ingredients in skincare. It was only when studying for a qualification in Herbal Medicine did I realise why the products I had previously been using simply didn’t work for me.

Most skincare products (body lotions, face creams, hand creams etc.) contain water mixed with oil (see if it says ‘aqua’ on the ingredients). Any product containing water mixed with other ingredients needs preservatives and emulsifiers. Preservatives  are specifically designed to kill cells and disrupt the natural flora of your skin – rather like anti-biotics disrupt your gut bacteria, emulsifiers mix with your natural skin’s oils to wash them away. Even many products deemed ‘Natural’ or ‘organic’ contain these ingredients which change the natural balance of your skin and damage the skin’s natural microbiome. Their long-term impact is not yet known but they are increasingly being linked to causing skin problems.

The Neve’s Bees story started with Neve and I making a few fun ‘lotion and potions’ blending our beeswax with pure natural plant oils and butters. We soon realised that we could make a comprehensive range of skincare products using only truly natural ingredients that felt so much better on the skin than the stuff we’d previously been buying.

Our policy

  • Pure Plant Ingredients – We use only pure plant oils, seeds and butters blended with our natural wild-crafted beeswax, herbal extracts and nothing else. Just pure, undiluted goodness.
  • Sustainably and Ethically sourced – All our oils and butters are sustainably and ethically sourced.
  • Low Air Miles – Where possible, we use locally sourced traditional plant oils and butters in preference to a wild and wonderful new botanical that’s been flown halfway round the world!
  • Upcycled and reused – Many of our ingredients are the by product of other industries e.g. our fruit seed oils are by products of the jam and fruit juice industries.
  • Recyclable packaging – all our packaging can be recycled (and our pump dispenser caps can be reused) we work with ‘one tree planted’ funding reforestation to offset any unavoidable carbon emissions.