How to Create a Wildflower Meadow – Step 1

Wildflower Meadow - the hay

So, our journey on how to create a Wildflower Meadow begins…(thanks for BBOWT – Berks, Bucks and Oxon Wildlife Trust – for their help and advice on how to do this)

Step one – cut the hay (and get rid of it!)

A local farmer who had cut and taken the hay for himself for years decided that this was the year he didn’t want it – challenge number one – what to do with 327 bales of hay! Actually we’re having a family competition on who can sell the most – Ross (our favoured Drone) is currently winning with his handmade signs on the side of our road, I’m (not very close) second with a Facebook post and Felix is a close third – he has a friend with a horse. In fact most of our sales have come from guinea pig and rabbit owners who want just the one bale – this make take some time…(anyone want any hay –  a bargain at only £2.50 per bale – we have nowhere to store it!)

So if you’ve never watched hay being made it’s worth a viewing – it’s really quite mesmerising – first the hay is cut and left in piles for a couple of days, then it’s stirred each day for 3 days to make sure it’s all dry, then the cool combine comes along and forms it into bales, then finally it’s all built into a pile – tada – our own hay stack to play with – step one on how to create a wildflower meadow

The pic shows Bella the lab and Jazzy the ragdoll playing by the hay (no use to The Bees at the mo but they’ll love it next year)