Happy Vibes during Lockdown from Neve's Bees • Radio Oxford

Happy Vibes during Lockdown

Happy Vibes during Lockdown in Oxford

Maybe there are some Happy Vibes to be found, even in these strange times.

I was recently asked to write a ‘Pause for Thought in Oxford’ for our local BBC Oxford Radio, I was really flattered … but perhaps a bit overwhelmed as to what on earth I could talk about that people would want to hear!

So I went for a run with Bella, our lovely dog, to see what inspiration came to me, maybe I could find a positive mindset somewhere…

It was a beautiful sunny evening, the sky was that orangey blue colour, the fields were a lush green sea waving in the gentle breeze, I could hear birds singing and smell a recently cut hay meadow. I’d just heard on the news that foreign holidays were unlikely this year which had seemed like a real disappointment.

…but then I thought – hang on a minute, here I am running in this beautiful countryside, listening to a wood pigeon coo-ing in a tree and feeling the sun (albeit not all that hot!) on my face – why do we need to fly to somewhere exotic where I’d be worrying about my carbon foot print, whether the bees would swarm or how we were going to afford the price of a beer in this place… surely we could have just as lovely a time here from our back garden .

So I compiled my list of the top 5 things we’ve done during this lockdown that are just as good as going on some exotic holiday somewhere to help create a more positive mindset (…well maybe close second anyway!)

  1. Exciting daytime adventures – early on in the lockdown Ross (my husband and Neve’s Bees Favoured Drone) and I, dug out our Ordinance Survey map and planned some walks we could do locally. OMG we’ve discovered the most beautiful walks in the countryside right on our doorstep (NB we have written a couple of blog posts on local Oxfordshire Walks previously – these were shorter dog walks but some lovely options: Dog Walks 1 and Dog Walks 2)
  2. Interesting local food – on one such walk we came across a wonderful smelling wood, filled with wild garlic with its glossy green leaves and little white flowers. I picked a bunch of the leaves and, when we got home made the most delicious wild garlic pesto which we used as a dip (checkout BBC Good Food – strongly recommended!)
  3. Cool local drinks – This one is still work in progress but I’ve bought the sugar and lemons and am monitoring the elderflowers – I’m planning to make elderflower cordial this weekend so we can add it to some fizz – elderflower fizz in the weekend sunshine – fab!
  4. Luxurious beauty treatments – I always like to try new lotions and potions when we go on holiday. This year, I’ve had more time to explore what other skincare products we can make using our beeswax – some of these have been amazing (watch this space!) but I’ve also learned some new things about beeswax – here’s an interesting fact – there’s a trendy new chemical that’s currently being added to lots of skincare products called hyaluronic acid – fascinatingly, it has the same mode of action as beeswax – probably why it’s been used in skincare for over 1,000 years! (here’s a cheeky link to our Neve’s Bees shop  where you can see our  whole range of beeswax balms 🙂 )
  5. Dancing on the beach – OK this one is a bit more challenging in Oxfordshire where we don’t have many beaches, but we’ve definitely had a few good kitchen bops here – turn up the radio and let your hair down!

So, whilst we’re clearly living in scary times, perhaps there are some little moments of joy all around us…. Thank you for reading our ‘Pause for Thought in Oxford’ we hope you enjoyed it – do let us know – and  we’re sending you some Happy Vibes for a good day ahead 😊

…and if you know someone who could use some Happy Vibes sending their way just now, we can send them a personalised Happy Vibes with each order 🙂

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