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What is Waterless Skincare?

Why is my skin so dry even when I moisturise

Waterless Skincare is a term you may have heard of? There’s a lot of hype at the moment about ‘water-free skincare’ (or anhydrous skincare)  so we thought we’d explore this and dig deeper into what waterless skincare means and why there might be good reasons to make the switch. Why are people moving towards waterless […]

Totally Natural Skincare – Is It Really Better?

Natural skin care illustrated with woman in field of lavander

Totally Natural Skincare – a Definition A totally natural skincare product is generally considered to be ‘one comprised of natural ingredients – those produced by nature, not the work of man or interfered with by man’ – although it seems this is a grey area! in fact there’s no formal system that regulates totally natural […]

Ingredients to Avoid in Skincare?

What's in my skin cream

Have you ever looked at what’s in your skin cream? Are there any ingredients to avoid in skincare products? Clue: there certainly are! What’s in your skincare? For many years, I worked in Pharmaceutical and OTC (Over The Counter) Marketing, developing and selling a whole host of products to go ‘in’ or ‘on’ our bodies. […]

Why Use Beeswax Hand Cream?

Why use beeswax hand cream?

Why use Beeswax Hand Cream? Are your hands dry from all this washing and sanitising? Are you finding your hand cream doesn’t help? We might have just the solution you’re looking for… The Science Part The skin on your hands is as exposed to the elements as your face, yet your hands are one of […]

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