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Do Bees Like Dandelions?

a beautiful wildflower meadow with dandelions and other native blooms

Dandelions, with their bright yellow petals and distinctive puffball seed heads, are a common sight in lawns and fields around the world. Many gardeners view them as pesky weeds, but bees most definitely have a different perspective. In this blog post, we’ll explore the relationship between bees and dandelions to answer the question: Do bees like dandelions?

What Flowers can you Eat?

Flowers You Can Eat

What Flowers can you Eat? It’s surprising how many flowers you can eat! Flowers have been used in cooking and as decorations for thousands of years adding colour, flavour, texture and of course therapeutic benefits. Today they can be found in a variety of restaurants around the world but you can also try some edible […]

Trees for Bees – Which are the Best Trees for Bees UK

Beeswax is a fab natural humectant

Which are the best trees for bees in the UK… and why is it important to save the bees anyway! Did you know, you have a bee to thank for approximately one in every three mouthfuls of food you eat? Without pollinating insects, much of our food would not grow – honeybees are responsible for […]

Bee Happy Plants to Attract Bees in Summer

Bee Happy Plants to attracts bees in Sumer

Which are the best Bee Happy Plants to attract bees throughout the summer? It takes a lot of energy to produce all that honey which is why flowers providing nectar and pollen for bees are so crucial. You probably think there’s plenty of flowers during the summer for bees but actually there’s a lull in […]

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