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Oil Cleansing Method – Unlock Radiant Skin Simply

natural Oils for oil cleansing method

In a world brimming with beauty products, getting lost in the maze of chemical-laden cleansers and cosmetics is easy. Each one claims to be the secret to a glowing complexion. However, to achieve a long-lasting glowing complexion, natural products really do give the best results. Enter the Oil Cleansing Method (OCM) – a skincare routine that relies on the cleansing powers of natural plant oils. At Neve’s Bees, we’re passionate about all things natural and would love to share with you the incredible benefits of the Oil Cleansing Method.

Do Bees Like Dandelions?

a beautiful wildflower meadow with dandelions and other native blooms

Dandelions, with their bright yellow petals and distinctive puffball seed heads, are a common sight in lawns and fields around the world. Many gardeners view them as pesky weeds, but bees most definitely have a different perspective. In this blog post, we’ll explore the relationship between bees and dandelions to answer the question: Do bees like dandelions?

Ingredients to Avoid in Skincare – Our Top 3

What's in my skin cream

Have you ever looked at what’s in your skin cream? Are there any ingredients to avoid in skincare products? Are there any ingredients to avoid in skincare products? Sometimes it’s hard to know what to believe as there are a lot of different, and sometimes conflicting, claims in the skincare industry. The good news is […]

Beeswax Benefits for Skin

a picture of hands in a wildflower meadow to show beeswax benefits for skincare

What are the beeswax benefits for skincare? Beeswax hydrates, softens and soothes with amazing benefits for skin If you suffer from dry hands, or chapped elbows, knees or other areas of skin, beeswax skincare is a wonderful option. The Science Part The skin on your hands is as exposed to the elements as your face, […]

What Flowers can you Eat?

Flowers You Can Eat

What Flowers can you Eat? It’s surprising how many flowers you can eat! Flowers have been used in cooking and as decorations for thousands of years adding colour, flavour, texture and of course therapeutic benefits. Today they can be found in a variety of restaurants around the world but you can also try some edible […]

Trees for Bees – Which are the Best Trees for Bees UK

Beeswax is a fab natural humectant

Which are the best trees for bees in the UK… and why is it important to save the bees anyway! Did you know, you have a bee to thank for approximately one in every three mouthfuls of food you eat? Without pollinating insects, much of our food would not grow – honeybees are responsible for […]

What is Waterless Skincare?

Why is my skin so dry even when I moisturise

Waterless Skincare is a term you may have heard of? There’s a lot of hype at the moment about ‘water-free skincare’ (or waterless skincare)  so we thought we’d explore this and dig deeper into what waterless skincare means and why there might be good reasons to make the switch. Why are people moving towards waterless […]

How to Support Local Oxfordshire Businesses this Christmas

Support Local Oxfordshire Businesses This Christmas

We’re on the countdown to Christmas 2021 and started to think how we could support local Oxfordshire Businesses this Christmas – there are no two ways about it: it’s been a weird couple of years. But if there can be any upsides to this global catastrophe is that it’s made us reevaluate. Take stock of […]

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